Turkey to launch healthy tourism certification program: report


Turkey on Monday announced that it would launch a healthy tourism certification program for the 2020 summer season, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported.

The document, which will be granted by international certification institutions, will indicate the fulfillment of high health and hygiene standards at airlines, airports and other transportation facilities, accommodation and food venues, according to a statement issued by the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

The country aims to encourage all stakeholders in the tourism sector to take all measures for a healthy holiday by means of the program, the statement added.

“Our certification program will ensure that our guests in Turkey are going to spend their holidays safely and hygienically and feel comfortable during their visit,” said Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

He added that the program would cover preventive and protective steps including air, marine and land transportation, ports of arrival and all holiday facilities as well as the health of employees and the tourists themselves.

“We will encourage all our transportation and accommodation facilities to take all precautions for a healthy holiday by obtaining the certificate,” Ersoy said.

He added that the ministry was planning to start implementing the certification process for hotels in May, with certified facilities to be listed online as of June 1.

The certification program will demonstrate that Turkey has taken a pioneering role in setting the direction for the normalization of tourism, he said.

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  1. Easy you just have to ask Marmara university, they proven everything you want to have proven even If this means delivering university degrees before the faculty is started up. This results in:- an economy that is going down the drain’s because of a Sultan who has not the slightest idea how economy works and thinks prayers can change the course of the lira. – tourist becoming sick after staying in Turkey but are forbidden to state this or even to report it on the thread they might have helped Gulen and participated in the coup. Worthless Turkish Lira will not lightens this terror.