Turkey was largest arms buyer from Germany in 2019: report


Turkey was the largest arms buyer from Germany last year, according to German Finance Ministry data, Deutsche Welle Turkish service reported on Tuesday.

It was followed by Kuwait, the UK, Latvia and Singapore, the report said, adding that the ministry did not disclose information about arms deals with countries such as Australia, Japan, Switzerland and Israel due to security concerns.

The ministry data were compiled in response to a parliamentary question posed by the Left Party’s Sevim Dağdelen.

In 2019 Germany sold €1.1 billion in arms, with an annual increase of 43 percent.

The figure was significantly higher in 2016 and 2017, at €2.5 billion and €2.65 billion, respectively.

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  1. Listen to my words, don’t look at my actions! Or how hypocritical a nation can be. How sick a country must be to once produce a dictator and now keep the new Turkish dictator in power and support his rise and oppresse national and international. while he is systematically undermining Germany and Europe with all kinds of dirty tricks.