Governor bans commemorative events ahead of Maraş massacre anniversary


The governor of Kahramanmaraş has banned all public events, gatherings and commemorative events days before the 39th anniversary of the Maras massacre.

All meetings, demonstrations, marches, rallies, commemorative events, setting up of stands or tents, press statements and similar activities were banned for a month, a statement by the governor said on Dec 15, four days before the massacre’s anniversary.

At least 111 Alevis in Turkey’s eastern province of Kahramanmaraş were killed by right-wing extremists 39 years ago between Dec 19-24, 1978.

The governor said the decision was made due to an ongoing state of emergency declared following a July 15, 2016 coup attempt in Turkey.

Several opposition demonstrations have been banned during emergency rule and thousands of people arrested.

Governors in several provinces have recently prohibited events and demonstrations, including a democracy rally in Izmir, an LGBT meeting in Istanbul, an art festival in Tunceli and a film festival in Diyarbakir, due to post-coup emergency rule. (Turkey Purge)

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  1. Do you know what ?? Those events should be better known in the West. It is the first time in my life that I hear of that massacre. If you are not allowed to speak in public, turn to churches, go to Rome and go to the Christan communities – esp; in Bulgaria and Romania, but also in the West West –
    I will be back soon