3 detained, beaten by police in case of mistaken identity

Pro-Erdoğan journalist Fatih Tezcan in a tweet portrayed villagers as terrorists and mocked them with photos of their torture.

Three people accused of attacking police headquarters and tortured under detention in the eastern Turkish province of Van turned out to be civilians who were collecting mushrooms on a mountainside, the Hürriyet daily reported on Monday.

According to the report, they were held hostage by outlawed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants who seized their identity cards and phones and used their vehicle to attack a local police station in Gevaş district of Van.

They were released by the militants nine hours after the attack and detained by police as they were on their way to the police station to explain that they had been held hostage.

They said in their testimonies that they did not know their vehicle was used to conduct the attack but were not listened by the police, who beat and insulted them, the photos of which were shared on social media.

They were released on judicial probation after five days.

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  1. The people of Turkey have to come to the understanding that Any of them can be arrested without just cause at Any time under the prevailing conditions in Turkey. People with dual citizenship living abroad need to understand that expatriates might be kidnapped under the orders of MIT head Hakan Fidan and sent back to Turkey to disappear in prison, no trial, no lawyer, no justice. The citizens of Turkey on the whole are still very complacent. They don’t care about injustices visited upon others whom they don’t know and have never seen. There must be stories with names and faced, posted on the poles in the street, posted on signs, in newspapers, and stories sent to international leaders and organizations with a mandate to care about injustices in Turkey. Names. Faces. Stories. Everywhere one looks. So the people can’t escape the truth, that it can happen to Them, to Their families, Their friends. Otherwise, nothing will change. They need to see the targeting too of Turkey’s assets, the relentless hunting down of the assets of the rich, which are quietly disappearing into ‘government accounts’ with zero accountability. They need to see how the Turkish government has relentlessly made enemies of almost every country in the world, except Vladimir Putin, who does exactly the same things to his own citizens.