Turkish PM to EP president: Criticisms on Turkey are baseless, biased


In a phone conversation with European Parliament President Martin Schulz on Saturday amid an increasing crackdown on media and the opposition, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım argued that European criticism of Turkey is baseless and biased, according to the Anadolu news agency.

While Yıldırım claimed the rule of law is adhered to in Turkey, nine columnists and executives from the Cumhuriyet daily were arrested early on Saturday and nine Kurdish deputies were imprisoned on Friday.

Schulz commented on the detention of the Kurdish opposition members on Friday along with several other European Union representatives, who all expressed concern over increasing pressure in the country.

Since a July 15 failed coup, Turkey has dismissed over 120,000 people from public service and arrested more than 32,000 in an unprecedented purge.

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  1. Its amazing how lowly and uneducated Yıldırım’s response was to President Martin Schulz. When citizens, journalist, statesmen and women are being arrested in the name of terrorism, Yildirim’s comeback should have been more substantive. However, he lacks the wherewithal of a professional politician. It is unfortunate to witness and let alone read everday how the entire country has become one huge street brawl. Sadly, there is no reprieve in sight. Erdogan satiates well through chaos. There is not one day that he is not giving a speech about hatred as he continues to splinter the country. However, his frontman because he cannot be called a prime minister, resorts to childish attacks, when he is being confronted by a statesman. Erdogan and the AKP all suffer from some type of street thuggery and arrested development. They went into politics as a get rich quick scheme and nothing else. They have pillaged the country from the bottom up. And, I sincerely hope that one day they lose everything they have illegally taken by force from others who have worked long and hard for their accomplishments. The situation is so corrsive that its digusting.