İzmir prosecutor prepares indictment against Gülen


As part of a witch-hunt against the faith-based Gülen movement, İzmir prosecutor Berkant Karakaya has prepared an indictment against Muslim scholar Fethullah Gülen for allegedly forming a terrorist organization named “FETÖ,” a term coined by the government.

The 3,000-page-long indictment reportedly consists mainly of “confessions” of “secret witnesses” and argues that Gülen orchestrated a coup attempt in Turkey on July 15.

A story appearing in the Hürriyet daily that details the arguments of the government without seeking counter opinions or views of the accused, alleges the existence of a secret organization aiming to control the military. The prosecutor further claims that the Gülen movement has chosen İzmir as its “capital.”

Despite harsh accusations against Gülen and the movement he inspired, there has as of yet been no court verdict proving the commission of terrorist activity. A Hatay court last month handed down a verdict saying that there is no proof to support the existence of an organization named “FETÖ.”

Gülen has denied the charges that he ordered a coup and says that anyone who might have been involved with the coup and claims to follow his teachings has betrayed them.

The government has undertaken a massive purge against real and perceived sympathizers of Gülen and the movement and has arrested a large number of people including numerous relatives of the Muslim scholar.

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  1. How many indictments have been and will be prepared against Mr. Gulen by a flow of prosecutors? Erdogan and his followers histrionic and accusatory behaviors are such that no one outside of Turkey believes him or them. The reoccurring dramaturgy is beyond recognition. The central issue here is that Erdogan has created his own parallel structure and has legitimated domestic terrorism in the name of the non-existent FETO. He knows this and so does the EU, EP and US. Erdogan’s slash and burn tactics will continue to isolate Turkey. The economy is at a breaking point; businesses are collapsing, and unemployment is at 10%. Behind his flat-lining policy is the fear of a strapped economy, the Zarrab case in New York City and the investigation of Bilal in Italy for the money laundering of Zarrab’s and Babak Morteza Zanjani’s monetary compensations, during the Iranian sanctions lead by the US. Let us not be fooled by his destructive chaos. Turkey is broke because he has plundered the country. Erdogan sees no way out of the mess he has created. Erdogan hides behind Islamist rhetoric to draw attention away from the fact that the country is in a financial quandary and investors are no longer willing to invest in the former jewel of the Middle East. What a better way to deflect core truths than to blame Mr. Gulen and his followers for his own planned insurgency against Turkey and her people.